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Is it recommended to rent a car ?

YES…you must rent a car in order to fully enjoy The Round Door.  We are located on the most eastern part of Roatan (Eastend) and there is no immediate local transportation.  There are several bars, resorts and restaurants but none within a reasonable walking distance.  We can arrange for pick up and shopping trip to Oakridge at reasonable costs. 


Airport or Ferry pickup can be pre-arranged although we encourage our guest to rent a car. I will forward direction a few days prior to your arrival but feel free to reach out directly with any questions you may have. Car rentals is available at the airport and our preferred vendor is Econo Car Rental or Avis. Renting ranges from $35 to $80 a day. 4×4 is not required with the exception during the heavy raining season (Oct – Dec) but we don’t encourage the mini cars or small cars that are available for rental.

Roatan travel requirement

Make sure your passport will be valid for a minimum of 6 months from your scheduled arrival date to Honduras, or you will not be permitted to board your flight.  Temporary visitor’s visas are issued by immigration upon entry into Honduras (30-90 day validity), and cannot be obtained in advance.  All travelers coming from a yellow fever country must show proof of current yellow fever vaccination or will be turned away from your flight to Roatan (check the list of yellow fever countries here).

Distance to the beach

Barbong Beach is 5 minutes away or 3 km. Camp Bay beach is 7 minutes away but Barbong and Camp Bay beach are connected. The entire beach is approximately 2 miles. You will also have access to a private dock on the North Side which is less than 5 minutes’ walk from The Round Door.

What to pack ?

  • Laptop/wireless devices (complimentary wifi is available).
  • A good book (the perfect way to relax while swinging in a hammock; we have a book swap, so if you finish the book you brought, you’re welcome to exchange it).
  • Water bottle; it’s recommended that you purchase bottled water or fill up a bottle with our purified water to take with you.  Five gallon water bottle are sold but the first is included for free.
  • Snorkel gear because due to Covid-19 we are no longer supplying equipment.